November 2023

New Release of Interim Volumetric Water Benefit Accounting 2.0 Guidance

Bluerisk, Bonneville Environmental Foundation, LimnoTech and World Resources Institute

Bluerisk and partners (Bonneville Environmental Foundation, LimnoTech and World Resources Institute) released interim updated guidance for implementing and valuing water stewardship activities, the Volumetric Water Benefit Accounting (VWBA) 2.0. This voluntary guidance is intended to assist companies in making substantiated water stewardship claims, backed by science, to reduce environmental impacts and promote sustainable practices and outcomes.  

Interim VWBA 2.0 guidance is being released through a series of five installments on a rolling basis during 2023-2024. Each installment covers a specific topic and provides guidance derived from experiences and insights gleaned from implementing water stewardship strategies, programs, projects, and activities. 

This first release, Installment 1 “Project Eligibility Criteria and Selection Considerations”, provides clear and comprehensive guidance for identifying, prioritizing and selecting water stewardship projects with the potential to generate volumetric water benefits.  

Also, included in this release is Installment 2 “Principles for Making Credible VWB Claims” which provides practical instructions on how to claim VWBs, including guidance principles for eligibility, duration and attribution of claims.

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August 2023
Samantha Kuzma, Marc F.P. Bierkens, Shivani Lakshman, Tianyi Luo, Liz Saccoccia, Edwin H. Sutanudjaja and Rens Van Beek