We’re water strategy and data experts focused on enhancing resilience and reducing risk in the face of emerging water challenges.

Our analysis, experience, and market insights provide new roadmaps to a sustainable water future by aligning practical and actionable solutions with the contextual and shared value of water.
Bluerisk was founded in 2019 by Paul Reig, after spending nine years at the World Resources Institute, where he led the development of the Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas and Volumetric Water Benefit Accounting method, two of the most widely used open-source resources and de facto standards for corporate water management.

Practical solutions and actionable insights to drive sustainable water management across your value chain

Advisory Services

  • Strategy and targets: to enhance resilience, reduce risk, and sustain business growth.
  • Implementation guidance: to build capacity and ensure strategies and targets deliver value by responding to risk and capitalizing on opportunities.

Digital and Data Solutions

  • Water risk assessment, monitoring and forecasting: to provide asset-specific, real-time estimates of value at risk and probability of water supply and business disruptions.
  • Solution portfolio management: to measure, track and communicate the impact of water-related investments.

Core values

Courage to lead

Doing what is right, focusing on the things that matter most, and embracing innovation and outside-the-box thinking.

Extreme ownership

Taking responsibility, delivering on our commitments and continuing to deepen our subject-matter expertise.


Listening first, being approachable, affirming and positive, and building trust through meaningful relationships.


Driving superior business results for our clients that have a positive impact on society while creating value for Bluerisk.