August 2019

Volumetric Water Benefit Accounting (VWBA): A Method For Implementing and Valuing Water Stewardship Activities

Paul Reig, Wendy Larson, Samuel Vionnet and Jean-Baptiste Bayart
Originally published by
World Resources Institute

WRI and partners at Quantis, LimnoTech and Valuing Nature have developed a new approach for implementing and valuing water stewardship activities. The Volumetric Water Benefit Accounting (VWBA) meets a critical need in corporate water stewardship: a common method for assessing the benefits of water stewardship activities in a comparable way and ensuring they address current or projected water challenges and contribute to public policy priorities.

VWBA empowers companies with a comprehensive, standardized and science-based methodology to calculate and valuate the benefits of water stewardship activities. This new method enables businesses and other key stakeholders to better tackle shared water risks at catchment-scale.

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